Hype Driven Development (一窩蜂驅動開發)

I want to share an article which has some reflective thoughts about technology culture in development teams.

Original post (In English): Hype Driven Development
Chinese translated vernio: 一窩蜂驅動開發

Short summary

It is common for many development teams which fall into:

  • Reddit/Stackoverflow Driven Development
  • Conference Driven Development
  • Loudest guy driven decisions
  • Gem/lib/plugin driven development

The problem is that sometimes the solution/technology people talk about in Reddit/Stackoverflow/Conference may be just specific solution/technology fit into their original problem and use cases. The solution/technology fit your development teams’s problem and use cases.

Another problem is that the technology people talk about may not be matured enough. Such immaturity may cause
serious potential problems.

The article also mentioned some solutions to these problems. The author suggest development teams to learn technology not just from blogs but also experience. It is better to make some quick prototype or POC experiments before making decisions to have better experience and understanding to the technologies.
On the other side, development teams should analyse and understand their own problems and use cases. Listing Pros & Cons and do comparison with different technology/solutions.

My personal thought

the real problem is never because of Reddit/Stackoverflow/Conference or whatever driven culture. The real problem is that we should have clear understanding and deep analysis about our problems and technologies.

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