fortel-codex.js – 中國術數基本codex (陰陽/五行/天干/地支)

Project info

Project code: fortel-codex
Type: node.js module
Version: 0.01
Last update date: 2017-03-23



A Node.js Library for Chinese Astrology Common Codex. (中國術數基本codex)


I am planning to write a bundle of node.js modules which are related to Chinese Astrology/Divination, including 紫微斗數, 八字, 九宮飛星 ……
And I find that most of Chinese Astrology/Divination system actually sharing some common codex.
So I write this common module to represent the common codex, including 陰陽, 五行, 天干, 地支, 時辰, 生肖, 氣節, 農曆 etc





Dev Log

  • 2017-03-23: v0.0.1
    • Support features:
      • basic codex for 陰陽, 五行, 天干, 地支, 時辰, 生肖
    • Pending to do:
      • include 氣節, 農曆
      • implement some more utility functions (e.g: check生肖by year)
      • Update API document

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