rest-in-contract – nodejs module for REST API Contract server


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Project Status

Currently, the project is in beta version (v0.x.x).

The basic Contract Server module is done to support basic usage of API Contract stubbing & testing. But some builtin feature is not done yet. (e.g: Suppoting more middleware functions in the contract script)

Since it is still beta version, we are not finalized the v1.0 in-the-box features yet.


  • Add Unit tests
  • Update documents
  • Database Storage
  • Authentication
  • Support Plugins
  • Java/nodejs test integration client
  • Study on integration with Swagger

What is rest-in-contract

rest-in-contract is a product to let you embrace Consumer-driven contracts. It is REST in nature so that it fits for integrating with all kind of programming languages. For more detail about Project rest-in-contract, you may have a look in our Project rest-in-contract’s Homepage for detail introduction.

Slideshare: Basic Concepts & Flows

[slideshare id=75659518&doc=s8deqrrxtbwnevrmc4jg-signature-5be716ac007a7e1eadee11eae5584e77a61541b4ae83e9d4aba8245a6bf5c955-poli-170504031527&w=599]



Hello world

Starting server:

'use strict';

const contractServer = require('rest-in-contract');

    port: 8000

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