Last night I think seriously…

If according to nature and interest, I should study philosophy instead of engineering.
My reason is that, no matter social fares, life, religions, sports or science, i actually treat all of them as some kind of philosophy.
And i always try to compile them into one general philosophy.
I am a kind of ppl that born to the side of abstract and perception, instead of concrete and sensation.

The reason why I like programming? I thought it is because of I like it.
But a deeper answer is that, programming is a process of being a god which making a world.
Programming itself is a kind of philosophy of creating universe.
And it is also a kind of philosophy that help me to understand the universe.
(For example, I would use the interface/instance concept to explain the 3-1 nature of god.)

But on the other hand, engineering background training is good to me actually:

1) In terms of self-improvement of will.
Engineering training is somehow opposite to my nature while it is still compatable.
Such trainings can train myself on the side of concrete and sensation.
As a result, it makes me to become more balance which i think is not bad.

2) In terms of reality life, IT is at least easier to survive than studying philosophy. sosad…

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